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We are Gather, a Manchester based development agency, and Pimcore selected partner. Pimcore is an open source, multi-channel management system for Web Content, Digital Assets and Digital Information.

Created by elements.at and refined by an active community of expert developers, Pimcore is one of the top Product Information Management (PIM) platforms on the market; with over 65,000 instances in existence worldwide. Our team is right at the forefront of Pimcore's technology, and we're ready to develop your ideas.

Whether it's a blog, e-commerce site, social network, web portal or an in-house suite, we can develop and configure Pimcore to fit any specification. A trinity of Objects, Assets and Documents make Pimcore the only platform you'll ever need for your business.

Silver Pimcore Solution Partner

Silver Pimcore solution partner

We are Pimcore Selected Partners based in Greater Manchester, United Kingdom. We operate as a full-service agency for Pimcore development and Pimcore products, and regularly contribute to improving Pimcore documentation for the community. Get in touch to discuss what benefits we can offer you via the Pimcore Partner program.

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Product Information Management Manchester

Information Management

Using the flexibility of Pimcore's object class system and rapid development framework, we can design and produce an information management system quickly, gearing up your business for the journey ahead. Requirements often change as projects gather momentum; Pimcore allows us to make changes, keeping your application agile without sacrificing performance.

Digital Asset Management

Never lose sight of your digital assets again. Pimcore is ideal for companies with hundreds or even thousands of photographs, videos, documents and other media. We can configure your infrastructure and software to rely on Pimcore to manage your digital assets seamlessly within your network or in the cloud.

PIM System Development
Multi-channel PIM

Web content management

We can transform any website design into an entirely editable document. Pimcore eliminates the restrictions of a traditional fixed template, giving you control over content across a multitude of devices. Create targeted marketing campaigns using content personalisation or let us take your website international with multi-lingual support and document localisation.

Our custom Pimcore integrations

We believe that all modern systems should be able to communicate with one another. It produces a digital experience that's transparent and instinctive; something you will love, and your customers will love. Here are some of the systems we've connected with Pimcor

Pimcore PayPal Integration


Instant Payment Notifications let Pimcore know when a customer makes a purchase, cancels subscription or updates details of their order.


AWS Ready

We've configured Pimcore to be elastic, ready for use with EC2 instances, RDS and S3.

PIM, Pimcore Magento Connector

PIM Magento Connector

100% customisable product landing pages eliminate the need for complex blocks and Magento pages.

Apple ARKit, formely Metaio

Metaio (Acquired by Apple, now ARKit)

The most important part of Augmented Reality is the content. Pimcore has your back.

Azure Translation

Microsoft Azure translation

We've integrated Microsoft translate into Pimcore document content for multi-lingual sites.

New Relic APM

New Relic APM

We make sure your Pimcore application is configured correctly for reporting and SLAs

Right move BLM format expors

Property portal integration (BLM/Rightmove formats)

Pimcore can import, store and maintain information and assets for property portals, through the RMv3 specification.

Postcode Lookup

PCA Predict / Postcode Anywhere

Address validation is just as important as its storage, and we're partnered with PCAPredict to make sure addresses collected are correct.

Facebook Integration


We've added Facebook sign-in and used Pimcore to power apps running on the Facebook platform.

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