Digital product development

Digital technologies are constantly evolving and transforming the way businesses communicate with customers.

Unlike with traditional formats, brands are gaining increasing freedom to innovate and engage with their audience in ways that add value and go beyond any stereotypical one-way communication

Iterative digital development

To some extent, nearly every brand that operates in the digital space is performing some digital product development. From adding a new feature to a mobile eCommerce experience to the integration of an online booking system with a third-party service; whatever the task, we class any improvement or extension like this as digital product development.

Our mission is to help organisations develop outstanding digital products that drive revenue growth and improve customer experience.

How we develop digital products

Before we commit to a project, we will spend time getting to know you and your customers. If we understand your business goals and services, we are in a better position to point out customer pain-points, problems, and bottlenecks. We will achieve this through a series of workshops.

During each workshop, we will discuss the challenges your business faces, flesh out high-risk problems, and turn them into opportunities. We will look at the big picture and produce a challenge or mission statement.

From the workshops we expect many ideas to be discussed - you may already be at this stage and have something in mind. As an agency focused on data-driven design and build, it is our job to validate these ideas and refine them into a roadmap for the future. We will help you pick the right platform to develop your digital product quickly, and with minimal impact on your business in case any future experiments prove unsuccessful with customers.

Case Study

Developing digital tools for the rail construction industry

Rail Diary App / Website design & development

Rail Diary is a company in the process of revolutionising the rail construction industry. Working with Gather to develop a range of innovative solutions, their products are currently attracting attention from around the world.

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Gather has helped many businesses since 2012 — we strive to educate and be educated by our clients on the best practices for digital products. As an organisation, we think big, and we plan long term. Whether it is a digital transformation, minimum viable product or annual campaign, our approach is proving useful for rapid growth and experimentation.