A disconnected community...

With over 50,000 book clubs in the UK, it's clear we are a nation of readers. Appreciation of discussion around literary works is high, but finding like minded enthusiasts in your community can be a difficult task with no network in place setup specifically for this purpose. Koob aims to change that by connecting those with a passion for the written word and individuals with groups who want to share their thoughts and ideas.


A social network for book lovers

The Koob community's goal is to connect readers with others who share their passion for literature and stimulate conversation around their favourite books, authors, events and more. One of the ways it does this via an online social platform where users can connect with others in their local community and beyond. The social media platform developed by Gather offers an exciting new place where readers can search, share and connect with friends.

Connecting users

The initial MVP provides searching to enable users to find events happening in their local area. As the platform develops, users will be able to connect directly with event organisers and follow them for updates and priority news. The initial launch also allows for users to search for those with similar interests in their local community.


Communications designed to scale

Chat has become a common user expectation for any kind of social app, but it can be an important overlooked piece of functionality. It's important to consider the simple implementation of messaging a user back and forth will likely expand over time to include group messaging, additional media forms and multiple points of entry. The communication between users of Koob is powered by a robust messaging platform designed to allow for flexibility in implementation and scalability as the community grows.

Empowering event managers

An important part of the online experience for Koob is to allow users to search for events happening near to them. That's why we've allowed any literature event organiser to submit their own events to be posted on the platform. Any user can search to find out what's happening in their local community and if registered, show events they are planning to attend on their profile.

A community set to scale

With a new digital platform in place built around a robust information management system gaining interest from groups nationwide, the Koob community is set to scale throughout 2018. To find out more about the development plans for Koob, contact us below.