Pinseeker is one of the UK leading suppliers of equipment to golf courses and hotels.

A highly configurable product range

Pinseeker’s product range has a number of complications to overcome though before being able to present to potential customers. There is a hand crafted bespoke nature to much of Pinseeker’s premium product set and many products are highly configurable. We were approached by the company to help organise their product data and make it easy to manage both for public and administrative purposes.

Pinseeker Website Development

A PIM solution

Gather developed a Product Information Management (PIM) system for Pinseeker as the first stage of the project. The PIM development we did was the first step in organising the company’s products to make them more accessible for marketing and sales tasks later on. Once the PIM was in place, we developed a customer facing website to promote key product ranges, highlight special offers to customers and build brand awareness for Pinseeker.

Pinseeker PIM system

Managing product data

PIM development is a critical step when dealing with large amounts of product data. It’s important to put the right structure in place to allow for maximum flexibility in using the data and this can differ greatly across business cases. For this project we opted to use Pimcore as the development framework which provided a secure but scalable platform and allows for a solid roadmap of development for features such as ecommerce and CRM integration.

Care and maintenance for premium products

One of the things that sets Pinseeker apart from their competition is the hand-crafted nature of their product offering. The company provides beautiful stone and woodwork signage among other premium products. It’s important to Pinseeker for their customers to receive the best quality of aftercare so products last for many years to come. Using Pimcore as a CMS gave us flexibility in managing assets such as high-resolution images and PDFs so customers can always get the information they need to ensure long lasting products.

A new era for golfing supplies

As a leader in a traditionally slow-moving industry, Pinseeker is now striving further forward in being able to present a complex array of products to its customers. The roadmap for development is set to increase the standard for location-based sales teams. Learn more about how PIM can improve your online product listings by contacting us below.