How to: Fix authenticating with the itunes store

Paul May 19th 2017


Today I encountered a problem when trying to submit an app to the iTunes AppStore.


Authenticating with the iTunes Store

The message stayed on my screen for a whole lunch hour and although usually excuses like this allow developers to refer to the infamous xkcd: Compiling it can get a little bit aggravating not knowing exactly what is going on.


So, if you're ready to submit your app to iTunes and suddenly find yourself staring at this message for more that a 10 minutes, give the following Terminal commands a trick.

cd~ mv .itmstransporter/ .old_itmstransporter/ "/Applications/"

Basically these three lines move your itmstransporter profile to a backup location and then attempt to update the iTMSTransporter components.


*Fingers crossed* - Problem solved!

Author Paul Technical Director

Technical Director & Co-founder of Gather. Paul is a Manchester born computer scientist with broad full stack web & mobile application skillset, he has helped shaped Gather's technology, and build many large scale web applications.