The Noun project

Richard December 3rd 2015

The Noun Project has a simple mission, to “build and share the worlds visual language”.

Containing over 150,000 entries, the icon library can reference just about any single thing or idea you can think of. Seriously, we found it hard to find a noun that didn’t return at least 1 result via the projects search. Cabbage, Llama and Guatemala all gave us usable icons…


Any icon designers (or ‘creators’) can contribute to the project as long as you adhere to its standards and this has led to an astounding number of icons beings published for anyone else to use free of charge (with a payment plan available if you want to use them without displaying creator credits).


The great thing about The Noun Project is their developer API which lets you plug the icons straight into your apps with a free licence of up to 5,000 requests per month. This is a great feature and something we’ll be considering for use in future app releases.


The Noun Project is one of the best resources i’ve seen in a while for both designers and developers and one that I certainly recommend checking out next time your having trouble visualising that obscure item…


Author Richard Creative Director

Richard is a designer, whiskey drinker, music lover and Creative Director. After an early career in publishing saw him oversee the production of a range of global titles he turned his eye to digital, managing several design teams in UK agencies before founding Gather with fellow director Paul.