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Paul October 20th 2013


...Then skip to the next section....ok so this is not really the type of page you would expect to be about Top Restaurants based in Manchester.  Typically this is just a blogpost as a kind of experiment in how good content writing  (or content cooking) can be used to naturally gain higher ratings for key search terms, by using related terms alongside.  I'm thinking of stirring up a few of these posts in the future, maybe even create a course in it (though I'm more rump roast in terms of creative writing, than Filet mignon); so lets treat this as a bit of an apetizer.


In this example post I'm attempting to gain a higher rating for a certain phrase i.e. If you're looking for a top Manchester based restaurant or one around the city centre you would usualy type in google 'Top Restaurants in Manchester'.  Since our site is quite young, I'd be lucky to get a decent search position for restaurants in manchester, though I'm hoping to be within the top 100 at least - a little creativly put together content and useful facts, that's the Gather strategy. All that's left for me to do now is to actually write some good content; being a bit of a foodie, Hi-Life member and Mancunian, here are my top places to eat in Manchester.



In no particular personal order, cusine or quality; food is all about the experience, whether that be good or bad.  Here are my 5 top restaurants in Manchester that I recommend you visit whilst in town.




Chaophraya is a Thai fine dining restaurant located off Cross Street in the city center; that's only a couple of minutes walk from Market Street and the Arndale Centre.  The restaurant is a two floor setting, the first floor comprises of a bar and waiting lounge serving a range of cocktails, together with the more private sunken seat tables. Whilst the second floor offers a more traditional table layout and a great acoustic atmosphere thanks to it's fully open kitchen / floorplan.


In my experience the menu has always offered quite a good selection of thai dishes, I've found myself trying a new dish every time I visit.  The staff and service is generally very good, though on the odd occasion it has taken a while for our orders to be taken; I blame the blatent new member of staff who happened to be rushed off his feet at the time.  Chaophraya also accepts Hi-Life Diners club cards meaning you can enjoy 2 for 1 meals.  If you're a Hi-Life Go member you can also use your digital only card. Chaophraya is definately one of the top thai restaurants in Manchester.



I love a good curry, there are a few curry houses around Greater Manchester that offer excellent dishes, though I just have to mention this one.  Located on Blackfriars street at the north end of Deansgate, you will find EastZEast Riverside.  It's not just the food that sets this restaurant apart from other places to eat, you're walking into a full on dining experience; with it's valet parking, cocktail bar with (awesome) staff who will make just about any kind of drink you can think of, ice cream bar, private seating and more open riverside window seating.


The menu offers from your classic dishes through to the speciality signature meals, for the couples who like to go for just one dish, they offer a 'larger' portion; so you can feel free to order just the one pot without that guilty feeling of being cheap ;).  Try the Chicken Masala Desi or anything off the bone it's beautiful! Website here A top restaurant!



First things first, if you're hungry and it's anywhere near 7-10pm on a Friday or weekend, be prepared to wait.  This place does NOT take bookings - you want in, turn up and play!  If it is busy, but you're patient enough you can reserve your seat on the door and leave your mobile number and join a waiting list.  Remember the approximate waiting time though as the staff may forget to give you a text to tell you your table is available (depending how busy it is).


Liquor & Burn is located in the Northern Quarter just on the corner of Edge Street, to get to the restaurant upstairs you'll need to walk to the back of the bar and go through the metallic looking doors, take a right to go upstairs.  Menu is below, nuff said, drool....



Dimitris is located at the South end of Deansgate, opposite the Betham Tower (Hilton Hotel).  Soon to be in it's 23rd year (I think), this restaurant lives up to its name as a Manchester Institution. Dimitris is the place to go in town if you are looking for the lively entertainment of the Mediterranean.


I love this restaurant for its big Mezes and Tapas, which can be eaten in the outdoor arcade under a heatlamp in the winter. There's just something about that, which gives me a relaxing holiday feel.  The atmosphere in Dimitris is just perfect, the staff are awesome, and, if you're in that party mood the place has a licence until late in the night.



I was torn between here and San Carlo (another Italian on King Street).  Giovannis is situated just off St. Peters Square on Oxford Street, the menu is fantastic, the service is both friendly and top notch.  If you're looking for a place to celebrate or an intimate meal, I recommend you give it a go. Website here


So there we have it, my top 5 restaurants in the centre of Manchester.

There are of course plenty of other places worth a mention, if you're interested then drop me a message in the comments below.


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