The small and the brave in MediaCityUK

Gather October 22nd 2013

Whether you're a tenant or visitor, press or blogger you're probably well aware there is always something going on within MediaCityUK. 

If it's not an event from one of the larger fish in the pond, there is more often or not someone doing something unique in the main square or around the site. Last month Hiscox Insurance teamed up with Illustrator Ben Lamb and were hosts to a celebration of entreprenuers and startups alike.


On 10th September, Hiscox created a popup studio in the main square of MediaCityUK. Small businesses and freelancers were invited in for a coffee and chat, before having a photo taken for 'The Small and the Brave of MediaCityUK'; a portrait of the individuals behind small businesses in MediaCityUK.


For information about how the event went on the day, visit the Hiscox blog:


A month down the line and the portrait is complete, thanks to all of Ben's hard work, we love it!



Did you spot us?

We've been conducting our own study on the companies in MediaCityUK and hope to produce a timeline on it's growth over the next few years.  You've seen the invididuals, take a look at what they do.

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