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Paul March 25th 2013

Before the days of Gather Digital; at other agencies and as freelance, me and Richard used pimcore quite a fare bit for various websites, an app platform and our own personal sites. When we won our first project as Gather, Pimcore was the chosen solution, from that project we learnt a lot more about this awesome piece of software, developed by the guys at Thanks to this effort by ourselves we now have some bragging rights within the small pimcore community; as Pimcore Professional Partners.



I first discovered pimcore in the summer of 2011, trying to find a useful CMS based on the Zend Framework.  I'd had my head in Magento development at a company in Manchester for most of the year so it seemed only right to seek something similar.  Back then the task was to find a content management system suitable for building an app platform, the result was a very cusomisable template system for building cross platform apps based in Sencha Touch.


Pimcore was ideal for managing in-app pages through its document and asset management. Over 2011/2012 I built several apps, and developed the app platform into a reasonable first version, using pimcore as a shared CMS between different clients. Richard at the time also got involved with some pimcore development, though primarily as a designer concentrated on UX and app design for sencha touch.  Toward the end of the year the app platform had turned into a fully customizable mini Mobile Roadie, capable of producing apps from a configuration file and SASS file.  All that needed to be done was data entry and clicks of a button.  By the end we were rolling apps out within a couple of hours....the fun of automating everything!


At the end of 2012, as Gather Digital, we started the development of something completely different with Pimcore; a website for a rather large client (that's all I can say I'm afraid).  The site currently hosts around 1.5 million images, 30,000 indexed pages and around 16,000 properties - a fare effort on our part as when the site went live we achieved an average PageSpeed of 87.  Over the year we've added in modifications for the Zend_Form builder, site translation using the Pimcore website translations, and inline translation for objects using Translate from Microsoft Azure (a plugin we're to release to the pimcore community soon).


So there we have it, thanks to this experience with Pimcore we are now able to say we are Pimcore Professionals.

Author Paul Technical Director

Technical Director & Co-founder of Gather. Paul is a Manchester born computer scientist with broad full stack web & mobile application skillset, he has helped shaped Gather's technology, and build many large scale web applications.