Motion Global Optical Centre development

Our brief

Motion Global operate a global network of e-commerce sites spanning over 50 domains selling a range of high-end sunglasses. As a conscientious business, they are keen to offer their customers support and guidance for matters relating to eye health and sun protection. Having designed for an article based help forum that could be rolled out across many different websites, they approached us to develop a solution that could be both manageable by individuals at the site level and robust enough to scale indefinitely as their community grows.


Scalable content management

With a large marketing team spread across multiple countries, it was important to provide a solution that was easily maintained and replicated when needed. We took a multi-site approach, providing the management of many sites within the same CMS. Within a couple of clicks, Motion Global was then able to replicate an entire site.

Mobile first

We took a mobile-first approach for development; recognising the companies youth demographic audience. Adaptive content techniques were combined with touch and swipe gestures, providing an exceptional navigation experience on mobile.

Multi Site / Multi Lingual

Implementing translation into the page templates meant all site text could be translated per language rather than per website. Making it quicker to set up new sites in different locales and changes per language much faster.

open quoteThe professionalism and service provided by the Gather Digital team has been exceptional. Throughout the integration and launch process, they were always available to help us address specific issues and went the extra mile to make sure that the final outcome catered to our business objectives. The Pimcore CMS system has been a game-changing tool for Motion Global, empowering our marketing team to deliver on-site features and campaigns, cross-device and across multiple domains, with a speed and efficiency that was previously impossible.close-quote