Hi-Life Diners Club Restaurant guide


The Highlights

  • 256 page full colour book displaying details of over 5,000 restaurants
  • Design and art direction
  • XML to InDesign information management

Our brief

The Restaurant Guide is part of the premium offering from Hi-Life Diners Club which helps the company stand out from its competitors. Giving members a well-crafted product they can peruse at home establishes a real mark of quality while promoting the wide range of restaurants on offer through the club. With the number of possible dining venues constantly growing and developing, the challenge Hi-Life faced was how to produce and prepare new editions to the guide quickly and distribute amongst its members while the new additions were still fresh.



The guide

Having worked on several editions of the guide now, we've seen it grow into a 256-page book containing the details of over 5,000 individual restaurants from across the UK and Ireland. Over the last two years, we've developed the concept and provided art direction throughout. The latest version saw the addition of a new 25-page section to highlight Hi-Life's premium restaurants. The guide was printed on a 90 GSM Silk stock with a 500-gram cover.

XML to Indesign workflow

One of the challenges we faced during production was how to create the artwork quickly. With up to 200 pages dedicated to restaurant information, laying out spreads by hand was not an option in the tight time frame. To solve this problem, we developed a custom XML import script which took restaurant data direct from Hi-Life's CRM and plugged it into our InDesign templates. The result was a reduced production time from around three weeks to something that could be exported and sent to print within a single day.

open quoteGather have provided Hi-Life with a fantastic service. They are extremely creative and always go the extra mile. All projects completed to date have been first class and I look forward to working with them a lot more in the future.close-quote