Drone DB Responsive web development


The highlights

  • Clean, easy to navigate product specifications
  • Data stored in a PIM solution
  • Built to scale as the business does

Our brief

DroneDB required a website and Product Information Management (PIM) system to store and manage its data and assets. A wide range of specifications needs to be recorded and maintained in a steadily progressing market. Therefore the solution provided had to be able to scale and adapt as the business does.


Clean, simple design

The design for the website was kept deliberately clean to allow product specifications to be easily viewed and compared. We identified early on that a large number of the site visitors would likely be using a mobile device to see it on. Page load speed was a critical consideration as was an easy to navigate interface.


Given the nature of the website and information it would be serving up to viewers, it was critical to use a strong PIM system from the start. We readily opted to use Pimcore for the project due to its adaptability and the number of features available. We developed a custom specification model able to store the wide range of attributes used across the drone industry while additional object data was introduced to manage assets such as video and product imagery.