Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is the merging of digital content with the physical world. In simple terms, this can be an overlay of information on top of a video or picture though thanks to powerful mobile devices, AR is better known today for its immersive and contextual placement in between the physical and digital world.

IMMERSE YOUR customers

Gather are Wikitude AR developers based in Manchester; We create immersive digital scenes that engage your customers, whether on a kiosk, tablet or a mobile device. The Wikitude SDK provides a flexible web based layer, allowing us to fully integrate your digital content with HTML5 and other web technologies - From Location based AR to 3D models and AR Video.

Wikitude developers

We are experienced Wikitude developers using their SDK to build immersive AR experiences into mobile apps. Some of our recent projects using Wikitude technology include location and image recognition.