This year Gather Digital presented its accomplishments and ideas at the second annual Pimcore Partner unconference, in Stockholm, Sweden. We absolutely love Pimcore and want to help make it the only platform that anyone will ever need - from multi-channel PIM to content marketing. We've spent a lot of time figuring out our ethos, and we've nailed it down to five key service layers. Click here to read more about how we operate.

Data Forensics

Data Forensics is a extension for Pimcore, that can be configured to collect time-centric statistics from any source. Whether it's object information in Pimcore or from an external application. To find out more get in contact with us.

I Need It

Data Visualisation

We've taken best practice in business communications and created an extensible plugin that developers and pimcore admins can use to create dashboards, report document PDFs and web based data visualisations quickly. To find out more please contact us.

I Want It


One of the most sought-after pieces of functionality in Pimcore. The workflow management module provides pimcore admins with a generic UI for information management activities. Our collection of resources below are free to download..