Intro to the Web Animations API

Written by Thom 24 April 2017

A quick look at the new native web animation API.

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24 7 multi-time select - a UX challenge

Written by: Richard 09 February 2017

We recently came up against an interesting UX challenge here in the studio at Gather whilst working on a project that involves users being able to select multiple time slots across a 24 hour day 7 days a week.

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An early look at WebAssembly

Written by: Thom 05 August 2016

In this article I'll be taking a look at the much anticipated experimental technology known as WebAssembly.

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The 5 layers of digital content management

Written by: Richard 15 July 2016

Whether your focus is collecting, using or analysing information, its useful to understand where your current interests lay in the general flow of data used by the majority of businesses today...

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Why you should care about the .gov design principles

Written by: Richard 18 April 2016

In April 2014 the government launched its Digital by Default Service Standard. Its aim - to provide a standard for designing and building user focused services...

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Ghostbusters: How to update Plesk based systems to solve the Ghostbug

Written by: Paul 28 January 2015

A quick tip on how to update glibc to fix the CVE-2015-0235 vulnerability.

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How to setup HTTP/2 support (nginx, apache, plesk)

Written by: Paul 09 November 2015

After 15 years of HTTP/1.1 its time to take to web to the next level. HTTP/2 brings request multiplexing and server pushes to content served to supported browsers.


What's in a domain name?

Written by: Richard 05 February 2014

This week has seen the launch of the first new generic top level domain (gTLD) as part of the role out of more than 1000 new suffixes to be released. شبكة. or .Shabaka meaning web in Arabic is the first gTLD to use non Latin script ahead of several Russian and Mandarin based suffixes also set to launch in the next few days.

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Supplying a recurring payment subscription option to Hi-Life Diners Club members

Written by: Richard 28 August 2014

Gather has recently launched a new microsite for Hi-Life Diners Club to enable automated monthly recurring payments to its members, a first for the restaurant deals club.

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How to restore your visitors IP addresses when using Cloudflare & nginx

Written by: Paul 05 November 2014

Cloudflare is a very powerful tool for improving your websites speed and performance, though can be a pain if you're using nginx.

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New website for The Composerworks

Written by: Richard 01 September 2014

The Composerworks approached us to design and develop a new website that would better promote their services of providing musical scores for Television and Film.