Configuring Workflow Management in Pimcore: Events

Written by Paul 29 July 2016

ThisĀ is the last post in an Introduction to Pimcore Workflow Management. Building on the previous examples, part three explains how actions can become much more powerful when events are attached.

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Configuring Workflow Management in Pimcore: Actions

Written by: Paul 24 June 2016

In the previous post I introduced Workflow Management for Pimcore by walking through each of the concepts seen in the configuration file. The examples shown included a few configuration options that may be chosen in a use-case for a PIM system.

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Pimcore: Why still use Zend Framework 1?

Written by: Paul 20 October 2015

Whenever there's a discussion about Pimcore, one topic is guaranteed to pop up. In every live discussion channel or hangout, we get asked Why Zend Framework 1? and When is pimcore moving to Zend framework 2 or symphony?. It's a big concern for everyone involved...

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Pimcore Unconference 2015 takeaways

Written by: Richard 19 October 2015

Last week saw the first ever Pimcore Unconference take place at their headquarters in Salzburg, Austria. 2 days of talks, discussions and networking ensued with representatives from around 10 different countries present

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Tip: Migrating Pimcore Databases

Written by: Paul 05 January 2015

Migrating databases in pimcore can be troublesome if you're moving between servers. Here's a quick tip to fix it.

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Gather are Pimcore Professional Partners!

Written by: Paul 25 March 2013

We're chuffed at the fact we are recognized professional partners of this awesome platform