300 years of national debt

Written by Richard 29 May 2017

The United Kingdoms National Debt is the total amount of money borrowed by the government at any one time. Political parties often pledge to reduce this figure and its generally accepted that less debt is a good thing to have. Have you ever wondered though whether...

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The 5 layers of digital content management

Written by: Richard 15 July 2016

Whether your focus is collecting, using or analysing information, its useful to understand where your current interests lay in the general flow of data used by the majority of businesses today...

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Visualising data - charts and graph types

Written by: Richard 23 May 2016

When it comes to visualising data into graphs and charts there are many different options available to you. The purpose of choosing the right graph is to give your viewers the benefit of seeing a snapshot of the information and gleam some immediate insights without having to traul through all the numbers one by one.

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How to use progressive profiling

Written by: Richard 17 June 2015

Data collection is a natural starting point for any business wishing to capture quality leads and in doing so, its often desirable to gather as much information about your potential customers as possible from the outset. The more you learn about your leads the better placed you are to


Collecting data on potential leads and business opportunities?

Written by: Gather 27 November 2014

Gather is interested in finding out about how different businesses go about collecting information for potential leads and business opportunities, particularly if you attend trade exhibitions.