300 years of national debt

Written by Richard 29 May 2017

The United Kingdoms National Debt is the total amount of money borrowed by the government at any one time. Political parties often pledge to reduce this figure and its generally accepted that less debt is a good thing to have. Have you ever wondered though whether...

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How to: Fix Authenticating with the iTunes Store

Written by: Paul 25 May 2017

I encountered a problem when trying to submit an app to the iTunes AppStore the other day, here's how I stopped having to wait for xCode to upload the darn IPA

A new partnership between Gather and Lyco Group

Written by: Richard 09 May 2017

We’re happy to announce a new partnership between Gather and leading lighting supplier Lyco to develop a Product Information Management (PIM) system to manage the company’s growing product list.

Welcome to the team Emma

Written by: Richard 29 April 2017

We’re happy to announce a new team member at Gather.

development, how to, web

Intro to the Web Animations API

Written by: Thom 24 April 2017

A quick look at the new native web animation API.

3 golden rules for data visualisation best practice

Written by: Richard 31 March 2017

At Gather we’re constantly looking at research into data visualisation to help in the development of our tools to aid analytics and reporting for the web. There’s a great number of tools available now to help with...

How to install composer globally

Written by: Paul 18 March 2017

High performance graphics with WebGL

Written by: Thom 17 February 2017

With WebGL 2 starting to land in browsers, WebGL is becoming a viable medium for producing high performance graphics on the web.

apps, design, web

24 7 multi-time select - a UX challenge

Written by: Richard 09 February 2017

We recently came up against an interesting UX challenge here in the studio at Gather whilst working on a project that involves users being able to select multiple time slots across a 24 hour day 7 days a week.

Welcome to the team John

Written by: Richard 24 January 2017

We’re pleased to announce the newest member to join our team. John joined us in our Manchester studio just before Christmas and strengthens our...

Working with real heros

Written by: Richard 14 November 2016

We’re really happy to announce a new client today. After beating 7 other agencies from around the world, Gather has been chosen to deliver a new website and CRM integration in 2017 for charity Apopo.