Wozedu Social network development


The highlights

  • Social Network development
  • Providing a job application system for students and graduates
  • Advanced sharing and suggested post models

Our brief

Wozedu is a social network aimed at helping graduates and School leavers reach their next goal. The purpose of the site is to assist users in finding either their next course in education or opportunity for employment. We were approached by a partner agency to offer consultation and development for the backend of the project.


Social Network development

The website works in a similar way to a social network, such as Facebook or LinkedIn. A user connects with friends to build their network of followers and can share posts to and from their connections. What makes Wozedu different is the ability to connect directly with institutions you like and see job and course opportunities from them direct in your feed.

Sharing opportunities

Wozedu lets users share opportunities, courses and compelling content from their connections on their wall or with friends. The site uses 'Liking' and 'Sharing' metrics to determine popular and relevant content to individuals.

Job application

A job application is only ever one click away through Wozedu. When a user enters information into their profile, it can then be attached to a job application and supported by a CV and covering letter. Integration with a BigData provider also allowed user actions to be analysed so that Wozedu can recommend opportunities to users and partnered employers.

Responsive development

The website; directly aimed at young adults, required a suitable browsing experience across all devices from mobile up to tablet and desktop. A responsive development approach was implemented to achieve this.