Hi-Life Diners Club Subscription microsite


The highlights

  • Providing a subscription payment portal giving customers more flexibility
  • New members instantly synchronise to an external CRM
  • Responsive data entry design

Our brief

As part of Hi-Life's strive forward into the digital sector, the company wanted to introduce a subscriptions model into its membership options. Subscriptions were an industry first and would provide customers with flexible payment options. We were asked to design and develop a microsite which allowed customers to join Hi-Life and subscribe to a monthly payment option.


Providing a swift signup portal

As part of our ongoing digital strategy for Hi-Life, we designed a subscription payment portal to be lightweight and easy to navigate. User's arriving at the microsite have already made the decision to purchase so the experience is centred around providing a straightforward and fast signup, then directing them to start using their Hi-Life product. It was important that all data collected should be written directly into Hi-Life's CRM allowing new members to be welcomed to the club and providing instant access to member benefits.

Responsive design

Users needed to be able to subscribe from anywhere, so a mobile first approach was a major consideration with this project (something that's sadly still lacking in many payment portals). The signup forms were split across several pages into easily digestible chunks and kept clean and free from clutter.