Hi-Life Diners Club brand image & marketing

Our brief

Being the longest running dining club in the UK at 30 years old, Hi-Life is a well established and a leader in its sector. Even industry leaders need to evolve, though, and when we started working with Hi-Life, their marketing was a little tired and in need of a revamp. So we developed a new brand image that would reinforce the companies status within the discount dining industry while allowing them to enter new digital markets.


Creating a strong brand image

Hi-Life offers its customers the opportunity to dine at thousands of restaurants across the UK for discount prices every night of the week. It would take even the most prolific member years to work their way through every restaurant available, so we wanted to get this across in the marketing. Using grids of images that can be updated and repositioned depending on the use case enabled us to do that effectively. Introducing black as a base colour for print ads introduced a mark of quality that had previously been missing.


Adaptable design

As a company that markets to its customers through many channels, it was important that the brand image worked across a variety of media and formats. Art workers (both internal and third parties) need to be able to create ads based on supplied guidelines quickly.

open quoteGather have provided Hi-Life with a fantastic service. They are extremely creative and always go the extra mile. All projects completed to date have been first class and I look forward to working with them a lot more in the future.close-quote