Berwick 900 - Augmented Reality App development

Our brief

2015 saw the town of Berwick Upon Tweed celebrate its 900th year. The town has a long history of rope making, so a project was put together to help celebrate its 9th centenary; 'The Great Performing Rope'. Gather was asked to develop an app that incorporated the memories of the local townsfolk. We delivered these memories in a modern and engaging way by providing content in the form of text, images, audio and video inside an Augmented Reality app for iOS and Android devices.

Memory markers

The town's celebrations culminated in a 2-day event during which the event organisers placed a rope around the town with hundreds of memory tags attached, giving readers a sense of some of the heritage the Berwick Upon Tweed holds. Entirely based on personal accounts, the stories collected gave a colourful view of the local history told through the ear's, eyes and minds of those who experienced it.

Augmented Reality App

A selection of memories was selected and brought to life in the mobile app, offering users a chance to watch a video or hear audio direct from the people of Berwick. Archive footage from Berwick Record Office was included alongside newly recorded personal accounts and attached to geolocation points around the town that relate to each memory. All users needed to do was to point their mobile in the direction of a memory, and the AR content would be triggered.

Viewing platform

The project came together in the hands of artist Dan Fox who designed and built a rotating viewing plinth, which housed an iPad version of the app. Visitors were then able to stand on a lookout platform and scan the town for memory points to learn more about the local history.