Sencha Touch is an HTML5 based, mobile optimised javascript framework designed primarily for the development of applications on iOS, Android, Blackberry & Windows Phone, though any WebKit supporting device should be able to run a sencha touch application. Sencha is ideal for cross-platform application development when placed on the web or within a Cordova Application (Phonegap).

Gather knows that users don't care whether an app is native or web; performance is the key to winning their praise. That's why we use Sencha Touch over any other mobile development framework.  We have experience with the whole Sencha platform, from end to end, from design right through to deployment of your app to the web or app store(s).

Sencha's unique architecture gears it up for fast prototyping, unlike many other javascript frameworks. Once we have wireframed your project, we can quickly turn it into a basic wireframe app. Design and additional logic can then be applied to the prototype once finalised.

The latest version of Sencha comes with full support for packaging and deployment inside Cordova / Phonegap projects, meaning deploying to native app stores has never been easier!  Gather can also provide platform specific support for Sencha based applications in the form of Cordova plugins.