Upgrading Pimcore

Pimcore 4.X upgrades

Pimcore 4 is here, and we couldn't be happier about that! The team at Pimcore have been working tirelessly over the past few months to ready the latest version for a stable release, and it comes packed with a host of stellar features.

At Gather, we have experts that can offer help with Pimcore 4 upgrades in many ways: from advice and tips through to complete management of your Pimcore upgrade.


Concerns when upgrading to Pimcore 4

We understand the concerns that many businesses naturally have with the release of any major version of a framework of Pimcore's nature. Our developers have been monitoring changes to the project very carefully though over the past few months, watching daily commits and contributing bug fixes where we've spotted them. We now have a tremendous amount of confidence in the latest package and have already put several projects live using Pimcore 4.

We're happy to share our knowledge of what's changed with the latest Pimcore version. If you have some concerns before upgrading, speak to one of our developers before you start.

Pimcore improvements

So what's new with Pimcore 4? Well, quite a lot - make no mistake, this is a major release. Here're a few items of note:

  • A new user interface has been implemented using Sencha ExtJS6 giving a rich user experience across desktop, tablet and mobile
  • Over 50 Performance improvements and optimisations across the board
  • Improvements to translation management for documents
  • Preferred language selections now allow users to have personalised language priority when editing
  • Integration with Google Tag Manager out of the box
  • Improvements to tree navigation when working with 100's of documents
  • A new tagging feature now allows the creation of taxonomies and classifications for documents, assets and objects
  • Now ships with the open source GPLv3 license
  • Workflow Management (developed by Gather with Love)
  • Native AWS Integration support for Assets
  • Composer Support for additional application package management
  • Web-to-print Support

Contact us for help with Pimcore 4 upgrades

If you'd like help managing your Pimcore upgrade, our developers are on hand to help. Contact us here to get started.