jQuery development

jQuery is a lightweight, high-performance Javascript library, rich with features aimed at manipulation of HTML, handling of browser and javascript events, straightforward and complex animation and asynchronous communication between client and server.

jQuery's API works across multiple browsers making it a very popular choice when web development requires both versatility and slight extension. jQuery has become a sublanguage to some extent and has altered the way that many developers around the world write Javascript. jQuery is used extensively on large websites and software such as Wordpress and Pimcore.

Gather, based in Manchester use jQuery every day, it's API helps us quickly create a multitude of plugins and features for website development. Gather are experts in JavaScript development; we can be sure that all of our jQuery development builds on knowledge of its underlying language rather than only jQuery itself. Adaptive and responsive design in web application development rely on CSS and JavaScript working together. jQuery can be used extensively to create fast and responsive user interfaces that function on numerous types of devices and screen resolutions.