Gather Data
Capture Leads

Collect and process information on business leads quickly with an app designed specifically for you to get the most out of your initial meetings. Our data capture apps are custom built for your business giving you the exact tools you need to store and access your customer's data quickly.


Custom branding

Your app will be designed specifically to meet your brand guidelines following consultation with our design team.

Custom forms

Bespoke forms to suit your business needs, from single page data collection to multi-page surveys with question piping and goal specific actions

Works offline

Use our apps anywhere with or without an internet connection. All data is saved to the device and uploaded to a secure server when back online.

Image capture

Take photos with the device's camera and attach to a single or multiple records.

Data validation

Validate email or physical addresses at point of entry, using data validation services built in.

Product showcase

Give each of your products or services an information page. Attach a request for more product information on each form submission.

Multi lingual

Collect information in multiple languages or set specific post submission actions dependent on language selection.

Instant notifications

Send an email or SMS notification to new contacts or other team members as soon as a new record is created.

Export data

Access your data via a secure server or export in multiple formats for ExCel and more!

Additional functionality

Do you need something that's not listed?  If you have a particular feature in mind, let us know via the contact form below.

Need integration with a third party service, to your existing infrastructure? All our apps built in a modular way, therefore, don't have the same restrictions as many templated data collection apps.


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Manchester College data collection

MOL is part of the Manchester College Group and provides high-quality professional learning programmes in locations worldwide. Having just rebranded, they were keen to ensure their identity was visible not only on campus and through their website but also in the hands of their representatives gathering information at events nationwide.

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Additional benefits

Secure storage

Built on top of the Zend framework, Pimcore is a robust and secure platform capable of handling millions of assets and datasets. It's the perfect tool for managing your information both during and post collection periods.

Multiple device support

We offer both Apple IOS development and Android development. Our apps are designed and built to work across a range of devices from mobile to tablet.

App hosting

We offer app hosting with Amazon Web Services due to its impressive security features and scalability. Data is periodically backed up and available at impressive speeds. Many additional services are available via our managed hosting service.