iOS development

IOS is an operating system developed by Apple for its hardware devices such as iPhone and iPad. The iTunes app store now has well over a Million apps with over 75 Billion downloads covering every conceivable industry and task.

Only a few app ideas are original creations. If you can think of a job that's possible to do via a mobile device the chances are someone has developed an app for it. It's for this reason that instead of trying to come up with the next great unique app idea, most businesses focus on creating apps that enhance their services to either offer another way for existing customers to access their content or open up their offering to a new audience.

Gather can work with you to develop a digital platform for your business, identifying the key aspects of your existing services and advising how best to implement mobile features. We can develop iPhone apps and iPad apps that utilise the device's functionality such as geo-location, camera and push notifications. To learn more about our IOS development services, get in contact.