The social sphere is organic by nature, new apps and services launch every day and popularity of differing channels always change. With the transparency and personal touch that all of these social media platforms bring, adding social media marketing to your marketing plan can do wonders for customer engagement and brand awareness.

Gather provides advice and management for optimising social media presence. Using our technology and design services, we can implement your ideas into a fully fledged social campaign, or recommend tools and services to help monitor your campaigns.

Social logins

Logging in with Facebook and Twitter is nothing out of the ordinary these days, and often this functionality comes as standard on many web apps. Gather can provide this functionality on web apps and portals that do not have social login out of the box.

Social API integration

All the major social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, offer APIs, enabling our developers to create 3rd party services that can access or contribute content straight to social. This can be an excellent way to enhance websites or apps. Contact us now, and we'll integrate social into your app.