Product Information Management (PIM)

We are Product Information Management (PIM) development specialists. Our PIM services range from consultation on information optimisation and storage through to designing and delivering full featured PIM integrated products such as CRM's, Workflow management tools and multi-channel e-commerce platforms.

PIM development

Product Information Management is the practice of storing and managing all the information associated with a set of goods to enable sending them to market via various channels. A well crafted PIM system will act as a central hub for all required data, distributing the information to any number of endpoints such as an e-commerce website, mobile app, desktop publishing software for printed catalogues and external data feeds. A PIM system will typically be used for larger data sets and can dramatically decrease admin and production times.

Pimcore development

Our framework of choice for PIM development is Pimcore. Our developers have been using Pimcore since its first release and regularly contribute code and documentation to the project. To find out more about Pimcore's powerful features, click the following link.

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