Location services

Business locations

Businesses are using location-based services in increasingly diverse ways due to the surge in mobile connectivity. Mobile devices allow apps and websites to use data from the GPS and Wi-Fi to approximate your location which in turn can be used to provide user orientated features such as location aware searching and map positioning.

Postcode lookup service

There are many reasons why businesses choose to include postcode search services in their apps and websites. Rapid address verification and autocompleting addresses speed up a user's journey through otherwise tedious data entry. Coupled with data cleansing functions this can greatly enhance both the user experience and ensure accurate customer information is collected from the start of a transaction.

Geocoding for distances and directions is another essential tool for any company wishing to deliver location based services for example, store locators, map queries and delivery estimates.



For websites that allow visitors to search its content, it's essential to serve accurate and helpful results quickly; however, some search results might need to be kept secure from competitors. We have developed search and anti-scraping tools that we can configure across multiple applications for the web and mobile sites, giving customers the best experience possible and keeping your content protected.

Directory submission

It is important to ensure businesses are part of location specific directories such as Google Places for business, Foursquare, Facebook and Apple Maps Connect. Being listed improves search engine rankings and helps them to stand out in an increasingly competitive and accessible market. Gather can assist in determining which directory services are best suited to your business and ensure your getting the best out of being listed within them.