Magento E-commerce Agency 

At Gather, we work with the most cutting-edge technologies that have proven themselves worthy of enterprise adoption.


All over the world businesses put their trust in the Magento platform - and so should you! Magento is scalable, extremely flexible and most importantly it's secure and works with a vast quantity of payment providers.

Magento development Manchester, UK

One of our preferred platforms for e-commerce development is Magento due to its enormous popularity worldwide and extremely active community. Magento is a robust full featured system built on the Zend Framework and offers an impressive set of features out of the box.



Pimcore E-commerce Development

Being a Pimcore solution partner gives us access to powerful enterprise add-ons including the e-commerce framework which offers shopping cart solutions developed by the team at Elements specifically for Pimcore. Pimcore e-commerce provides a tremendous amount of flexibility when developing an online marketplace; its multi-channel approach makes PIM a breeze.


Gather ♥ Magento + PIMCORE

We know that Magento is awesome, and we realise that Pimcore is just perfect for Multi-channel e-commerce. That's why every one of our Magento Installs comes with Pimcore. 

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