Data collection

Gather is a web and app development agency based in Manchester, UK. We specialise in offering a range of data collection tools such as our bespoke data collection apps and managed app hosting. If you're a company looking for innovative and fast ways to collect and manage data on your customers at events such as exhibitions and product launch's, we'll work with you to create an integrated solution for your business. That could be as simple as receiving collected data by email or something much more in depth that organises your data before writing it to a CRM.

Custom data collection

Collect data about your customers while out in the field using our bespoke data collection apps for iOS, Android and Web platforms. Tired of being tied to using a templated app or online survey service? Our apps are designed to work with your existing infrastructure and can be updated whenever required.


Data capture apps

Managed data

Your data is useless unless you can access and read it in a meaningful way. Using a PIM system such as Pimcore allows you to see captured data in real time and manipulate it as required. Our Pimcore developers are experts in configuring data workflows in multi-channel environments and can advise on the best way to integrate into your CRM or other 3rd party systems.



Secure data handling

It's important to know your data collection results are secure - for both your business and your customer's peace of mind. That's why we build security best practices into all of our hosted data storage solutions. We can also offer to host apps using Amazon Web Services, due to their impressive security credentials. Our business operates toward ISO27001 standards.