CRM Solutions

Bespoke CRM Systems

Pimcore is an enterprise level open source experience and engagement management platform. Customer Relationship Management is at its core through flexible data modelling and a mobile & desktop compatible web application framework. Sales representatives & management can easily store and share business contacts while on the move or through an internal company portal.

Information Lifecycle Management

Team up Pimcore with Gather Digital's Workflow Management Framework, to create a simple to use, and optimised information lifecycle management tool for your sales team. Use it on ANY piece of data within Pimcore, for contacts, projects and tasks. Unlike most CRM tools, Pimcore is flexible enough to build in your application logic without restrictive user licensing models.


CRM Consultation

Gather are a digital agency based in Manchester, UK. We have a wealth of experience with Pimcore and integration with other CRM systems. Our list of integrated technologies with Pimcore as CRM continues to grow

For more information on Pimcore CRM solutions or consultation on an integration of your existing CRM with a fresh start Pimcore CRM package. Contact us


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