3rd Party Licenses

Gather Digital uses a number of 3rd party libraries within some of it's software.  By using our software, you must be aware and accept the licenses of the 3rd party libraries we may use.  The following list highlights some of the 3rd party systems in which we produce software with / make use of.

Pimcore by pimcore GmbH
See here http://www.pimcore.org/license

Sencha Touch by Sencha Inc
There are several licenses available and this will depend on the project.  End clients will most likely fall under Commercial Free, whilst all our downloadable source code will be compatible with Sencha's Open Source Licensing


Phonegap is now licensed under the Apache License version 2.0


Our jQuery projects are licensed under MIT


PCA Predict
Client projects which make use of PCAPredict or any of our products which are powered by PCAPredict are subject to the terms and conditions document set out by PCAPredict.  As PCA make use of data from 3rd party providers, users must also be aware of the license restrictions which apply.  More information is available at